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Las Cartas Perdidas (¿Parte 00?)

By Wiche Rubio

Esta es una "carta" qu no había visto, la habia borrado de mi memoria, por así decirlo xD... pero bueno... aki está
(= )= =S No hay otra manera??

4.08 am

wow u're incredible
Is it time to make a change?
I have to forget her?
I am prepared to release her from my heart?
Can I let her away?
Do I love her?
She'll forgive me?
Living in a world without you
Is living in no world at all
Can she love me?
She thinks 'bout me?
She knows thjat I love her?
Is she coming back to LM?
Why must I feel this way?
This is useful?
OMG, I love her
Can't stop thinking 'bout you
Get out of my heed
I need you

Do you love me?

tú ríes y
yo lloro



I'm sad

Where are you?



Wiche + Dany = Love 4e

Do you hate me?

Why don't you
call me?

Need ya girl


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