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Chroma Key

Chroma Key - White Robe

Updated Links!

By Wiche Rubio
ok... así stá el asunto... acabo de actualizar todos los links y están funcionando... pueden seguir descargando esta grandiosa música... si tienen alguna petición háganmela llegar i veré q puedo hacer por ustedes, si algún link stá fallando también digánmelo para reponerlo!

Estén pendientes, xk pronto subiré más dicos!

mail: wiche9@gmail.com



ok... here's the deal... i just updated all the links and are working, you can download this great music again, if u have a petition just send me a mail and i'll see what can i do for you, if a link its broken tell me so i can fix it!

Keep coming back, cause i'll be uploading new records!

mail: wiche9@gmail.com


2 comments so far.

  1. Gabriel 9:21 a. m.
    Thaks for all these marvellous albums! Talking about asks, could you please post Memory Hole Pt 1 (Kevin Moore). I can't find it anywhere for download...
  2. WiChE 10:10 p. m.
    hey Gabriel, I'm looking forward to buy that album! as soon as I get it I'll post it here for sure!!

    great to see more Kevin fans :D

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